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Created by the West Yorkshire Archive Service, this site provides free access to tithe maps of the Bradford and Leeds districts.  

Created between the 1830s and the 1860s, tithe maps are detailed records of land ownership, occupancy and use and can help you find out:

  • Who lived in your area?
  • Who owned the land in your area?
  • What was land being used for?

Tithe maps are one of the earliest large scale maps of an area and show the boundaries of plots of land, individual fields, woods, roads, streams and rivers, and the position of buildings. Alongside the maps are detailed surveys of the area which include information on who owned and occupied each plot, field names, and land use.  These are called apportionments.

The West Yorkshire Archive Service first digitised and made available 61 of the Leeds tithe maps in 2009.  The project, called 'Tracks in Time' was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and included maps covering the Leeds Metropolitan District.  

The West Yorkshire Archive Service digitised and made Bradford maps available online in 2014 with funding from Bradford Family History Society.

To find out more about the project and tithe maps follow the links above. To start researching Bradford’s past click on one of the tiles below!