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Black and white photograph of lamp post


Adjoining Bradford township to the south, Bowling included part of Dudley Hill. It was in the parish of Bradford and wapentake of Morley. In 1847 it joined with the townships of Bradford, Horton and Manningham to form the borough of Bradford.


Tithe maps are one of the earliest large scale maps of an area and show the boundaries of plots of land, individual fields, woods, roads, streams and rivers, and the position of buildings.

The tithe map can be viewed on the left, whilst the modern map on the right is centred on roughly the same area.

To zoom in, click on the tithe map, and press Ctrl on your keyboard whilst using the mouse scroll. Follow the same instructions to zoom in on the modern map.

Apportionment Data

A detailed survey or ‘apportionment’ was created at the same time as each tithe map. It includes information on who owned and occupied each plot, field names, and land use.

To learn more about a particular plot, find the plot number on the map and find it on the table below. Alternatively, you can search by keyword using the search bar. To return to the full table, clear the text and search again.

Data in the table can be downloaded by clicking the button on the right.


Plot number Owner Forename Owner Surname Occupier Forename Occupier Surname Premises State of cultivation Acres Roods Perches
1JohnLeeMarkGraham & othersTwo Cottages, Shop & Yard008
4The Late Charles HudsonRobertBaskerville & othersTwelve Cottages, Mistal, Stable & Shop0030
16The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireJosephWooler & othersFive Cottages & Combshops0012
23JohnParkinsonJamesHardisty & anotherTwo Cottages005
25JamesWadeSamuelFawcett & othersNine Cottages0015
34WilliamColeJamesDuce & othersNineteen Cottages & Stable012
51JohnColeJohnSawyer & othersEighteen Cottages, Two Stables, House, Shop etc.012
71JosephHaleyMaxfieldClough & othersEight Cottages, Two houses etc.0026
81The Late Samuel HartleyJamesRushworth & othersFifteen Cottages, Two Houses, Two Stables & Shop013
98RichardBoltonWilliamAshworth & othersSeven Cottages0013
106WilliamCordingleyJosephEllsworth & othersTwelve Cottages, House & Stable0039
120IsaacSnowdenAbrahamHudson and OthersTwelve Cottages & Stable0034
132CharlesFirthWilliamMetcalf & othersEight Cottages, House & Brewhouse0024
143RobertHarkerJohnHarkerHouse, Shop & Tallow Chandlers Yard etc.0023
144The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireCharlesCordingley & othersHouse, Yard & Seven Cottages000
152The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireJamesBlaydes & othersFifteen Cottages, Combshop & Butchers Shop014
168The Late Samuel HartleyThomasStead & othersThree Houses & Gardens0130
171JonasBeanlandGeorgeRobinson & othersSix Cottages0013
177The Late Samuel HartleyHannahHollingworth & othersTen Cottages000
189MrArmisteadJosephEllsworthLong FieldGrass116
190J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquireBuilding Land0024
191MissBaileyJonathanClegg & othersFive Cottages, House, Shop & Garden0022
198The Late James LeeThomasMires & othersTen Cottages & Shop0025
226The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireJohnShepherd & othersEight Cottages, School & Stable0021
234JonasBeanlandJohnSimpson & othersFourteen Cottages0032
247NancyInghamJosephMarsden & othersFive Cottages & Yard0011
251CharlesMuffCharlesMuff & othersPublic House, Brew House, Stable, Building Land, Four Cottages etc.0130
257MrsGreenhoughJamesMayraff & othersTwelve Cottages, Mistal, Shop, Shed & Building Ground0320
276JohnWillansMarthaClayton & othersThree Cottages, Stable, House, Shop and Building Ground0131
283late YatesWilliamWalker & othersEight Cottages0015
291FrankWadeJohnGreenwood & othersFour Cottages007
295MichaelDowlingDennisDowling & othersEight Cottages0015
303BattyeWilliamCrowther & othersEight Cottages0019
303FirthWilliamCrowther & othersEight Cottages0019
311ObadiahWellsThomasStrafford & othersFive Cottages & Garden0029
316JamesCroftJamesCroft & othersFive Cottages & Warehouse0018
321JamesBairstowHenryHealey & otherrsSix Cottages0011
327JohnFawthorpJamesCerbert & othersEight Cottages0015
335JohnBeaverThomasTerry & othersSix Cottages0011
341JosephBrownWatsonWhitaker & othersFive Cottages0011
346WilliamHitchinJosephHannah & othersSix Cottages & Stable0012
352SamuelGreenhoughUnoccupiedBuilding Land118
353JosephEllenthorpeThomasBeaumont & othersSix Cottages, House & Shop0026
360RobertStoreyJonasWard & othersFour Cottages & Shop0013
364John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand1226
369JamesRileyJamesRiley & othersHouse, Shop, Yard & Two Cottages0016
372John Sturges & CompanyJamesMarchantHouse & Garden0110
373John Sturges & CompanyWilliamSharpHouse & Garden000
374JohnTaylorJohnRatcliffe & othersFourteen Cottages, House & Shop0029
388John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand & Pit Hills13326
389John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyOld Stone Quarry0231
394John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyCroftGrass0223
395John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyReservoir1027
407NancyGreenhoughNancyGreenhough & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens0022
418MrArmisteadJamesFirthLittle FieldGrass016
419MrArmisteadJamesFirthHouse, Pleasure Grounds, Garden, Stable etc.117
420MrArmisteadJamesFirthPasture FieldGrass0214
421RobertEllenthorpeRobertEllenthorpe & othersFour Cottages, Two Shops, Stable etc.0018
425JohnHartleyJamesSmith & othersSix Cottages, Rose & Crown Inn, House, Two Shops etc.015
432JohnHartleyThomasWalker & othersEleven Cottages000
445MrArmisteadJosephEllsworthFour Cottages004
449MarthaSharpWilliamSharp & othersFive Cottages0012
454John Sturges & CompanyMarthaSharpGarden0017
455J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamRichmondCottage, Garden & Stable010
456John Sturges & CompanySusanHickHouse, Garden & Stable etc.1016
457John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyPlantation1126
458Bowling ChurchSt John's Church & Church Yard100
458Reverend J. S. FrostSt John's Church & Church Yard100
459John Sturges & CompanyJosephLowry and OthersFive Cottages, Stable & Three Gardens0139
465JohnScholefieldWilliamGreenhough & othersThree Cottages & Garden007
468John Sturges & CompanyNathanSharp and AnotherTwo Cottages & Gardens0011
470WilliamHepworthRebeccaCarr & othersNine Cottages & Garden0018
479John Sturges & CompanyJaneTurner and OthersFive Cottages & Four Gardens0028
484John Sturges & CompanyWilliamGreenhough and OthersFour Cottages & Two Gardens0017
488John Sturges & CompanyJohnColeField & Pit HillGrass1111
489John Sturges & CompanyJohnColeCroftGrass024
490John Sturges & CompanyJohnColeHouse & Garden011
491John Sturges & CompanyJohnColeGardens016
492RichardHolmesRichardHolmes & othersSeven Cottages, Two Houses, Two Shops & Two Gardens0029
501MrsBillingsleyGeorgeRaistrick & othersFive Cottages & Two Gardens0026
506EdwardBillingsleyWilliamCole & anotherTwo Houses & Two Gardens0019
508John Sturges & CompanyWilliamColeGarden0026
509John Sturges & CompanyAbrahamSteadField adjoining Wakefield RoadArable2029
511John Sturges & CompanyAbrahamSteadHouse, Barn, Garden & Cottages0221
516John Sturges & CompanyAbrahamSteadLong Round HillsGrass2227
518John Sturges & CompanyAbrahamSteadRound HillsGrass2031
519John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyField & Pit HillsGrass4033
520John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettFar FieldGrass125
521John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettSquare CloseGrass1112
522John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettFlat IngGrass2134
523John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettStorm Lock HillGrass1314
524John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettCroftGrass1218
525John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettHouse, Barn, Mistal & Cottages0014
526John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettBack of Laith CloseGrass235
527John Sturges & CompanyJohnBennettNaplassGrass1329
528John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyField & Pit HillsGrass2134
529John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpFieldGrass1333
530John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpFieldGrass1028
531John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpFieldGrass1239
532John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpCroftGrass0230
535NancyWalkerNancyWalker & anotherTwo Cottages & Shop005
537NathanBrookAnthonyKnowles & othersEight Cottages0015
546GeorgeWebsterJosephLoxley & anotherTwo Cottages006
547RobertParkinsonWilliamWebsterHouse & Shop006
549John Sturges & CompanyJohnBearderCottage & Garden0010
550JosephBeanlandWilliamHarrison & othersFive Cottages005
555GeorgeHarrisonWilliamRyecroft & anotherTwo Cottages003
557George FieldJamesCerbert & othersCottage002
558JohnBearderGeorgeBearder & anotherTwo Houses etc.006
560SamuelLumbyRuthBeanlandCottage & Garden004
564GeorgeLumbyBenjaminBearder & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens008
564JohnLumbyJohnLumbyTwo Cottages & Gardens008
567GeorgeLumbyGeorgeLumby & othersThree Cottages & Gardens003
567JohnLumbyJohnLumbyThree Cottages & Gardens003
570GeorgeLumbyGeorgeLumbyStable etc.0026
570JohnLumbyJohnLumbyStable etc.0026
571JohnPollardJamesKitsonBarn etc.008
573JohnPollardJamesKitsonLumby FieldGrass4035
575John Sturges & CompanyJohnWadeField & Pit HillsGrass2313
576John Sturges & CompanyJohnWadeField & Pit HillsGrass1237
577John Sturges & CompanyJohnWadeFieldGrass2123
578John Sturges & CompanyJohnWadeField & Pit Hills2024
580Marchant & othersMarchant & othersBuilding Land0226
581Marchant & othersThomasGreening & othersFive Cottages, House, Barn & Garden0031
587Marchant & othersMarchant & othersBuilding Land1035
588IsaacWebsterJamesBilborough & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens0017
590JohnWebsterEdwardWells & othersSeven Cottages0016
597JamesMarchant JamesMarchant & othersBuilding Land & Cottages0137
598StephenDobsonStephenDobsonFurnace Inn etc.006
599StephenDobsonWilliamDewhirst & othersSeven Cottages0014
606JohnWroeJamesRobshaw & othersFour Cottages008
610JohnWebsterJohnHarrisonSeven Cottages, Public House & Shop0029
619CharlesPoolJosephBeanland & othersFour Cottages007
623RichardJohnsonRichardJohnson & othersSix Cottages, House & Shop0016
630The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireJohnHillas & OthersFour Cottages & Garden009
633John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpHouse, Barn & Cottage0023
634John Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpGardenGrass0025
634WilliamSharpGeorgeWebster & othersFour Cottages0011
638JamesDennisonNancyBeetham & othersFour Cottages & Shop009
642JohnDennisonWilliamTidswell & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens009
644DysonDennisonWilliamSugden & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens0010
646JamesMarchant JamesRileyFar FieldGrass2220
647The Late Joseph Hollins EsquireJohnClayton & othersFive Cottages0010
651IsaacMarsdenEliHoyle & othersEight Cottages0015
671GeorgeLumbyGeorgeLumbyUpper Quickwood FieldGrass5030
671JohnLumbyJohnLumbyUpper Quickwood FieldGrass5030
673JosephRobertsJosephRobertsField & WasteArable2010
675JosephRobertsSandersonBrown & othersNine Cottages & Garden0020
684John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsLittle Close an&d Pit HillGrass1318
685John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsField and Pit HillGrass2035
686John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsMoor CloseArable1238
687John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsMoor CloseArable & Grass3211
688John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsFieldGrass2237
689John Sturges & CompanyJohnJenningsGreat Field & Pit HillGrass4021
690RobertSugdenFrankPadget & othersEleven Cottages0030
701JonasBeanlandRobertRimmington & othersEight Cottages0015
709ThomasWalkerWilliamBearder & othersThree Cottages009
712JosephDennisonWilliamWalker & othersFour Cottages0010
716RobertDennisonBenjaminMarsden & anotherHouse, Cottage & Shop0013
718ElijahNaylorElijahNaylorFour Cottages0015
722Burley ChapelReverend JohnBarberSunday School0013
722Reverend JohnBarberReverend JohnBarberSunday School0013
723JohnFarrahThomas Thompson Junior & othersEleven Cottages0022
724WilliamTerryDavidCollinson and OthersEight Cottages & Garden0027
724JohnTerryDavidCollinson and OthersEight Cottages & Garden0027
734JohnHornbyThomasBrook & anotherCottage & Moulders Arms etc.0010
737TimothyInghamSusannahHoldsworth & othersThree Cottages004
740RobertHillJohnNorsman & othersThree Cottages007
744AbrahamSteadWilliamScholefield & othersThree Cottages005
747BattyeWilliamBrearleyBeer Shop & Six Cottages0016
747FirthWilliamBrearleyBeer Shop & Six Cottages0016
748IsaacMarsdenIsaacMarsdenHouse, Mistal & Yard0021
750IsaacMarsdenIsaacMarsdenHigh FieldGrass221
757AbrahamHolmesWidowAmblerThree Cottages004
776JamesHepworthJamesHepworthFieldArable & Grass206
778FannyMarsdenJosephMarsden & anotherTwo Cottages004
782ReubenSmithEdwardWilson & anotherTwo Cottages003
792JamesHepworthWilliam & OthersHoldsworthThree Cottages & Gardens0021
795JamesHepworthJamesHepworthStable, Mistal & Yard005
798RichardGarnettJohnMarsdenPasture FieldGrass2127
799RichardGarnettJohnMarsdenHouse, Barn, Garden etc.0026
803WilliamWhiteleyJohnSugdenCottage & Garden003
806EsterSteadWilliamStock & anotherTwo Cottages006
808JamesButlerJamesButlerHouse CloseGrass0119
808JohnButlerJamesButlerHouse CloseGrass0119
810JamesButlerJamesButlerMalt Kiln, Stable etc.0034
810JohnButlerJamesButlerMalt Kiln, Stable etc.0034
811JohnButlerMargaretMuff & anotherTwo Cottages004
813JamesButlerJohnHill & othersThree Cottages & Gardens0010
813JohnButlerJohnHill & othersThree Cottages & Gardens0010
816JohnButlerJohnHill & othersThree Cottages & Gardens0018
819BattyeMatthewFenton & othersNine Cottages & Combshop0037
819FirthMatthewFenton & othersNine Cottages & Combshop0037
828WilliamTerryDukeNaylor and OthersEight Cottages & Part of Smiths Shop0024
828JohnTerryDukeNaylor and OthersEight Cottages & Part of Smiths Shop0024
838AndrewHolmesWilliamHolmesHouse, Yard etc.0016
840AndrewHolmesJonathanWaddington & OthersNineteen Cottages, Yard, Stable & Five Gardens037
859AndrewHolmesJamesHepworthBarn etc.000
861AndrewHolmesJamesHepworthFieldArable & Grass3017
863AndrewHolmesJamesHepworthFieldArable & Grass1212
868JohnClayton (of Wetherby)JohnPicklesFieldArable112
872WilliamWebsterJohnDennison & othersThree Cottages0010
882JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenLittle CroftGrass021
883JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenLittle IngGrass0334
885JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenLong FieldGrass1015
886JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenFallow FieldArable1130
887JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenGreat IngGrass1324
892Trustees of Methodist ChapelJohnWells & othersChapel & Yard & Six Cottages0135
899JonathanWellsJonathanWells & othersThree Cottages007
902RichardOrrellJohnThomas & othersThree Cottages009
907HenryFirthJohnStead & anotherTwo Cottages002
909SamuelFirthDanaWilsonTwo Cottages & Comb Shops005
913ThomasHillThomasHillCottage & Garden0014
915AndrewHolmesWilliamHolmesSpring Close3112
916WilliamTerryWilliamTerryFishpond CloseGrass2036
916JohnTerryJohnTerryFishpond CloseGrass2036
918WilliamTerryWilliamTerryHouse, Warehouse, Stable0133
918JohnTerryJohnTerryHouse, Warehouse, Stable0133
928JamesMaundayJamesMaunday & anotherHouse, Shop, Yard & Cottage008
931MrsTerryJohnEllis & anotherTwo Houses & Gardens0018
933SarahWatsonSarahWatsonHouse & Garden0013
934J. G. Paley EsquireGeorgeOddyRoyal Engineers Inn, Stable Yard & Warehouse0027
935J. G. Paley EsquireJohnDavidsonWool Warehouse0026
936ThomasFearnleyJohnMitchell & othersFive Cottages0013
941BenjaminFearnleyThomasFirth & othersTwo Cottages, House & Shop009
945JoshuaCarrRachelSmith & othersSix Cottages etc.0016
951BenjaminPollardJohnScholefield & othersEight Cottages0028
959Messrs DavidsonJosephDavidson & othersSpinning Mill, Yard, Reservoirs, Wire Mill etc.0227
962George FieldGeorgeFieldCroft011
963George FieldGeorgeFieldField010
965J. G. Paley EsquireGeorgeOddyFieldGrass239
966J. G. Paley EsquireGeorgeOddyFieldGrass2125
967JosephGarnerJosephGarnerWeaving Shed & Reservoir035
968CharlesKnowlesJohnShackleton & anotherTwo Cottages0015
970IsaacWellsJosephWard & anotherTwo Cottages006
974RobertSeedThomasCollinson & anotherTwo Cottages005
976ObadiahWellsRuthBennett & othersThree Cottages005
978SamuelSugdenSamuelSugdenCottage & Garden006
979RobertSeedWilliamRushforth & othersTwenty four Cottages, Four Gardens, Combshop, Stable & Shop0320
1002MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyField2013
1003MissCurrerMrsThorntonHouse, Outbuildings, Garden & Plantation024
1004Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireSarahBeethamGuilders CroftGrass1016
1005Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireSarahBeethamCottages & Cowhouse004
1006Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasBeethamCottage & Mistal003
1007Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireSarahBeethamFieldGrass1026
1008Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasBeethamCroft2212
1010ThomasBelthamGeorgeHaley Cottage003
1011JamesBarrowcloughJohnSquire & othersFour Cottages009
1015JamesShoesmithJamesShoesmith & othersFour Cottages008
1018JosephGibsonJosephFletcher & othersSeventeen Cottages, Two Gardens & Stable015
1035JohnWoodJamesHolmes & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0024
1039JohnFirthJohnFirth & othersWhite Hart Inn, Stable, Garden & Six Cottages0031
1046JohnTerryWilliamBootham & othersFive Cottages & Stable0015
1051JoshuaLawJoshuaLawHouse, Stable, Wire Mill etc0023
1052JoshuaLawMrsLawHouse & Garden000
1054SamuelTurnerGeorgeWebster & othersThree Cottages, Shop & Stable009
1057BattyeReubenLockwood & othersSix Cottages0013
1057FirthReubenLockwood & othersSix Cottages0013
1063SamuelTurnerJohnSpencer & othersSix Cottages & Building Land0031
1069Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJoshuaLawFieldGrass239
1071JohnButlerWilliamTaylor & othersFourteen Cottages0037
1087ThomasTaylorThomasTaylor & othersFive Cottages0011
1092J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpCroftGrass1024
1093J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpLittle PastureGrass1030
1100J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpLarge FieldGrass2226
1101WilliamSteadLukeBrookThree Cottages007
1104JosephGarnerJosephGarnerHouse, Garden & Warehouse0018
1105J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpHouse, Barn, Garden etc. 0036
1106J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpCottage000
1107J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpField & Pit Hill209
1108J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpSusan HillArable2130
1109ThomasKayePeterLightowler & othersEleven Cottages & Three Gardens0029
1120JohnLordGeorgeNormanton & othersSix Cottages0015
1126HannahSmithJohnPeel & othersFive Cottages0015
1131Methodist ChapelJohnWells & othersChapel & Yard0027
1132J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamTerryCottage002
1133JohnFieldJosephWright & anotherTwo Cottages0012
1135George FieldGeorgeField JuniorHouse & Garden006
1136WilliamHepworthWilliamHepworthCottage & Shop007
1137J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartley000
1138J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyHouse and Barn000
1139J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyCottages010
1140J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartley000
1141J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyCottages000
1142J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyBarn, Croft & Pit HillGrass0338
1143J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyIntackGrass2317
1144WilliamTerryFrankPitts & othersSeven Cottages0017
1151Trustees of Methodist ChapelJohnWells & othersSunday School0013
1152WilliamHaighWilliamHaigh & othersThree Cottages, House & Garden0010
1158J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyWell Croft, Pit HillGrass0321
1159J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyAckroyd CloseGrass2227
1160J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleySquare CloseGrass301
1163J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyMan FieldArable & Grass2110
1164J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyChapel CloseGrass1036
1165J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminColeCroftGrass2011
1169J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminColeFieldGrass3332
1170J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighLong FieldGrass4125
1171J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighCopy FieldGrass2121
1172J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation037
1173J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation0316
1174J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation027
1175J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation016
1176J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation017
1177J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechCopies or ParkGrass11034
1178J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechDrop FieldGrass1225
1179J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechRookeryGrass1026
1180J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamWalker EsquireBowling Hall, Gardens, Stable and Coach House etc.3315
1185J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechStable, Mistal etc.0022
1186J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquireBowling Hall Pinfold002
1187J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechLane & FieldGrass3027
1188J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerSpout IngGrass5023
1189J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattDam FieldGrass337
1190J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerFieldGrass2313
1191J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighHine Kin CloseGrass2121
1192Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedField & Pit HillsGrass4015
1193J. G. Paley EsquireJohnLeechField & Pit HillGrass3011
1194Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedField & Pit HillsGrass524
1195J. G. Paley EsquireMarthaOadesFieldGrass216
1196J. G. Paley EsquireMarthaOadesField & StableGrass2210
1197J. G. Paley EsquireHannahWilkinsonCottage & Garden Lodge0018
1198J. G. Paley EsquireMarthaOadesHouse & Garden0022
1199J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsley000
1202WilliamWebsterSamuelSimpson & othersSix Cottages0014
1210JohnDavidsonDavidSimpson & othersThree Cottages004
1213J. G. Paley EsquireJohnEggerson & anotherFive Cottages004
1215HenryLeeEmmanuelBeanland & othersEight Cottages & Two Gardens0030
1223Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden020
1224JohnMarsdenNorahBates & othersSeven Cottages & Two Gardens0024
1230RobertMarsdenJohnWells & othersNine Cottages0018
1239WilliamCopleyWilliamCopley & othersFive Cottages0011
1244DanielOatesCharlesDearden & othersThree Cottages0010
1247JohnSnowdenGeorgeBarlow & othersThree Cottages0010
1250WilliamBalmforthJosephWills & othersThree Cottages009
1253EmanuelSpurrGeorgeGomersall & othersThree Cottages0011
1256FrancisThommasFrancisThommasCottage & Garden004
1257Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnHesletineCroftGrass0134
1258Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedFieldGrass6016
1271ThomasWalkerMaryHopkinson & othersThirteen Cottages016
1282JamesSharpRobertLister & othersHouse, Shop, Mistal & Cottages0015
1285John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyChurch Sunday School0022
1286WilliamWebsterJohnSpencer & othersSix Cottages0025
1292WilliamWebsterJamesRobinson & othersNine Cottages000
1301EliStottEliStott & anotherTwo Houses & Gardens0027
1303JamesPettyJamesPettyThree Cottages0018
1306AbrahamHillAbrahamHillHouse & Garden0016
1307J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquireBuilding Land0022
1308RobertEllenthorpeBenjaminWebster & othersFour Cottages, House, Shop & Mistal0010
1314The Late Samuel HartleyPhoebePratt & othersBarley Mow Inn, Three Cottages, Stable etc.0032
1318JohnCooperSquireCollins & othersSeven Cottages, Two Shops & Warp Dressing Room0025
1326ThomasHoldsworthGeorgeCollins & othersThree Cottages & Shop0012
1329Addison & CompanyAddison & CompanyMill, Stable, Reservoirs etc.0338
1329WilliamShawBenjaminLongbottom & othersSix Cottages0010
1333ThomasHoldsworthGeorgeWhiteley & anotherTwo Cottages000
1337JohnFawbertJohnSharp & othersThree Cottages0011
1340HannahWhitworthJacobHudson & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0014
1344DavidBrookRichardBoyesSix Cottages0016
1352J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquireBuilding Land1024
1353HenryLeaJosephWells & othersMechanics Shop, Mill etc0210
1355J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingPit HillGrass0130
1356J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamShawPasture FieldGrass1037
1357J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingPit HillGrass0134
1358J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingCowhouse, Stable etc.0130
1359J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingGreat FieldGrass523
1360J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingPlantation108
1361J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingNarrow FieldGrass1021
1362J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingLong HillGrass1136
1363J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingDam FieldGrass1326
1364J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCowlingLittle Pasture Field and Pit HillGrass1224
1365J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerNear FieldGrass326
1366J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerMiddle FieldGrass230
1367J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerFar FieldGrass & Arable3115
1368Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedPlantation0125
1369Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedLittle Lamb Close & Pit Hills4210
1370Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedGreat Lamb Close & Pit Hills5312
1371Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireRobertSeedPlantation1023
1372WilliamSteadWilliamSteadHouse, Stable & Garden0110
1373J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminMurgatroydPit Hill0119
1374J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminMurgatroydPit Hill0110
1375J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminMurgatroydFieldGrass2038
1376J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminMurgatroydStable & FieldGrass2328
1377WilliamRoperFive Cottages009
1381John Sturges & CompanyJohnMarshallHouse, Garden, Stable & Plantation etc.0214
1382JosephClaytonBlakeyCalvertHouse, Garden & Stable0020
1383AbrahamBaileyRichardFenton & othersThree Cottages0017
1388John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyBuilding LandArable2128
1390John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyBuilding Land0129
1391ThomasDalbyIsaacWills & othersNine Cottages0011
1400John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhouseFieldGrass5019
1401John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhouseFieldGrass4114
1402John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhousePit Hill0134
1403John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhouseFieldGrass0232
1404J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamShawPasture FieldGrass2018
1405J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamShawPasture FieldGrass1011
1406J. G. Paley EsquireWilliamShawPit HillGrass0119
1407John Sturges & CompanyCharlesMuffPit HillGrass1314
1408JohnBollandBenjaminWooler & othersThree Cottages007
1411FentonTukeGledhill & othersThree Cottages004
1414ThomasHoldsworthMarySimpson & othersNine Cottages, House & Shop0019
1421HansonAbrahamBall & anotherTwo Cottages003
1426JamesWadeWilliamMoor & othersTwelve Cottages000
1438JamesWadeCatherineLumby & othersFour Cottages0029
1442ThomasWyvillJamesCharnelly & othersSix Cottages0010
1448WilliamTetleyAnnShackleton &othersEleven Cottages0023
1459JohnSteadJohnBoyes & othersFourteen Cottages & Stable0032
1473J. G. Paley EsquireJohnSchofieldBuilding Ground0128
1474Methodist ChapelJohnWells & othersSunday School0010
1475JohnRushtonWilliamTetley & othersSix Cottages & Shop0016
1481BattyeThomasLudlam & othersThirteen Cottages, Stable & Shop0025
1481FirthThomasLudlam & othersThirteen Cottages, Stable & Shop0025
1495SamuelTurnerChristopherPrice & othersEleven Cottages & Gig House0023
1506WilliamBrookThomasRipley & othersSix Cottages, Stable & Shop0016
1513JamesSnowdenWidowRoberts & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0014
1517WilliamHustlerWilliamHustler & othersThree Cottages, House & Garden009
1521ThomasBelthamElizabethLucas & othersFive Cottages0011
1526JosephClaytonSarahHall & othersSix Cottages0019
1532MarySmithWilliamFearne & othersFour Cottages007
1536JohnSteadJamesMiresThree Cottages007
1539John Sturges & CompanyUnoccupiedMill, Warehouse, Yard, Reservoirs & Cottage0313
1541JohnWellsJohnWells & othersHouse & Three Cottages009
1544BenjaminWoodHannahShackleton & othersThree Cottages006
1547John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminBerry and SonMachine Shop & Yard etc.019
1548JohnThorpThorpSteam Saw Mill, Stable, Yard & Reservoir0034
1548JohnThorpScholefieldSteam Saw Mill, Stable, Yard & Reservoir0034
1549John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhouseCroft1027
1550J. G. Paley EsquireJosephHelliwellHouse, Shop & Water Tap006
1560MaryHoldsworthMaryHoldsworth & anotherTwo Cottages0015
1562GeorgeThorpThomasDawsonFive Cottages0013
1567JamesFirthSamuelTetleyHouse & Shop006
1568SarahFawbertBenjaminSilson & othersSeven Cottages & Shop0018
1575MilesIllingworthJamesEllis & othersEight Cottages & Shop0016
1583JohnTankardMarkNoble & othersEight Cottages0021
1591John Sturges & CompanyJoshuaWood and OthersThree Cottages & Stable0015
1595Rouse & SonsRobertIllingworth & othersSeventeen Cottages010
1612GeorgeGibsonAbrahamSledhillCottage & Garden007
1613WidowSwainCharlesStables & othersFive Cottages0013
1618RobertSugdenJaneSugden & othersThree Cottages005
1621SamuelHartleyFrancisVanston & othersEight Cottages0015
1629JohnVicarsSamuelPollard & othersThree Cottages006
1639JohnWellsJamesConstantine &othersSix Cottages0011
1645GeorgeListerJonasLumb & othersTwelve Cottages0023
1651BenjaminBerryWilliamLambert & othersFour Cottages000
1651BenjaminBerryBenjaminBerryHouse, Gighouse, Stable & Yard0025
1656JohnWrightJosephMurgatroyd & othersFive Cottages0012
1667WilliamLeedhamJohnIngham & othersThree Cottages007
1670GeorgeListerWidowFerrand & othersNine Cottages0018
1689JohnBollandBenjaminWooler & othersFour Cottages007
1693WilliamCrossleyThomasEarnshaw & othersFour Cottages007
1697EliazerHudsonEliazerHudsonHouse & Garden006
1698Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireAbrahamNaylorFieldArable1223
1699Bowling TownshipWillowSutcliffe & anotherTwo Houses & Gardens0018
1701WilsonSutcliffeWilliamWilkinson & anotherTwo Houses & Gardens0010
1703AbrahamNaylorJonathanHartley & othersSeven Cottages0010
1710Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireAbrahamNaylorStable & Yard0013
1711WilliamThommasGeorgeBibby & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0010
1715Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireAbrahamNaylorSix Days Work FieldArable7318
1716JosephHattonJohnSimpson & othersSix Cottages0010
1720JohnBellwoodJosephWebster & othersTwo Houses, Garden & Cottage0023
1722JohnScholefieldEdwardThorp & othersSix Cottages008
1726WilliamHirdDavidAllen & othersSix Cottages007
1730JohnKelleyThomasTaylor & othersSix Cottages007
1734JoshuaKelleyThomasNicholson & othersTwo Cottages, House, Shop & School009
1737JamesHudsonWilliamWalker & anotherHouse, Shop & Mistal006
1739JohnMarsdenJohnHarper & othersFour Cottages, House & Gardens0020
1743MaryRoperMaryRoper & othersTwo Houses, Gardens & Cottage0013
1747George W.AddisonThomasStead & othersSix Cottages0014
1754MaryRoperUnoccupiedHouse, Stable & Pleasure Grounds etc.0320
1755MrsSwaineJamesEllis & othersFive Cottages, House & Gardens0023
1761Commissioners of Bradford and Wakefield Turnpike RoadThomasMetcalfToll House002
1762WilliamSandersonThomasHarrisonEight Houses & Gardens017
1770JohnWellsJohnBerry & othersFour Houses, Garden, Three Cottages & Building Land0024
1778JohnRobsonJohnRobsonHouse, Shop & Building Ground0020
1780JamesWignallWilliamWadsworth & othersHouse & Three Cottages008
1784ThomasBrownIsabellaGott & othersSeven Cottages0015
1789Greenwood Berry & CompanyJohnRushworthGarden005
1790ThomasNewboldLeonardMetcalf & othersNine Cottages0017
1799WilliamParkinsonRobertDelarew & othersTen Cottages0018
1809WilliamWoodheadHannahShaw & othersEight Cottages0020
1817WilliamWaddingtonHannahShaw & othersEight Cottages0015
1825WilliamParkinsonRobertDelarew & othersThirteen Cottages000
1831WilliamGledhillJohnRushworthNine Cottages0022
1843WilliamWaddingtonLupton & othersTen Cottages0015
1851Greenwood Berry & CompanyJohnMarsdenBuilding Land629
1852Terry (Solicitor)BettyWoodhead & othersSix Cottages0012
1858MarthaSugdenJohnLee & othersFour Cottages & Building Ground0020
1859WilliamMarshallJamesBland & othersEleven Cottages & Two Gardens017
1868JoshuaWheaterGeorgeGreensmith & othersTwelve Cottages0018
1873Christopher Waude & CompanyChristopher Waude & CompanyReservoir0116
1874Barker Cutler & CompanyBarker Cutler & CompanyFoundry yard & Mechanics Shops etc.0123
1882WilliamCutlerWilliamCutlerHouse & Garden006
1884J. G. Paley EsquireJohnMitchellWater Corn Mill etc.0131
1890HenryThackrayHenry & othersThackrayBowling IngGrass0314
1891WilliamShoesmithThomasWalton & anotherTwo Cottages006
1894ThomasLudlamThomasLudlamHouse & Garden006
1895J. G. Paley EsquireJohnGreenGarden004
1896J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyFieldGrass3126
1897WilliamSutcliffeWilliamSutcliffeDyehouse, Cottage etc.0034
1900Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonFieldGrass4013
1901J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyFieldGrass1218
1902J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCliffeFieldGrass1329
1903J. G. Paley EsquireJohnCliffeFieldGrass1326
1904SarahKershawJohnGalloway & othersSix Cottages0017
1910HenryBeanlandFrancisNettletonFour Cottages0011
1914WilliamThommasJonathanHolmes & othersSix Cottages0016
1920Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonFieldGrass2025
1921Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonFieldGrass226
1922Edward Ripley & SonGeorgeSampson & othersTwo Cottages, House & Two Gardens0015
1926Edward Ripley & SonEdwardRipleyFieldGrass2334
1927Edward Ripley & SonWilliamVerity & OthersThree Cottages & Two Gardens0010
1930Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass3021
1931Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass2321
1932Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass526
1933Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass4124
1934Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonFieldGrass4019
1935HenryThackrayHenry & othersThackrayBowling IngGrass2220
1936HenryThackrayHenry & othersThackrayBowling IngGrass2036
1937J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyHolmeGrass118
1938J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyHouse, Barn, Mistal & Garden0133
1939J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyThe IngGrass5218
1941Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireCharlesHillHouse, Garden and Cottage1110
1942Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireSamuelHaighFieldGrass4118
1943Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonFieldGrass331
1944Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonHouse, Barn, Garden & Yard019
1945Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass323
1946Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass2139
1947Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJohnMiddletonBroom FieldGrass2321
1948Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonNew HaighGrass3032
1949Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonFentes FieldGrass230
1950Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonFentes Field and Cottage & GardenGrass308
1951Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonReservoir & FieldGrass212
1952Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonFar Pasture2032
1953Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonBowling Dye House, Reservpors. Yard, House, & Garden etc.2031
1954Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireEdwardRipley & SonGargrave FieldGrass4035
1955Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireSpring Wood000
1958John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanySpring Wood FieldGrass10310
1959John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyMeeting House CloseGrass639
1960J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattFlat FieldGrass3016
1960Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJonathanClarkFieldGrass4030
1961J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattHorse PastureGrass2316
1962J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighStansfield FieldGrass322
1963J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattLittle KitchenGrass219
1964J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattPit FieldGrass2230
1965J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattSeedsGrass3314
1966J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattLow PastureGrass4117
1967J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattMeadowGrass5112
1968J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighFish Pond CloseGrass9312
1969J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsleyNew DropGrass515
1970J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsleyLow BurrowsGrass7025
1973J. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation1120
1974J. G. Paley EsquireJosephOnionLand0220
1975J. G. Paley EsquireJosephOnionLandGrass110
1976J. G. Paley EsquireJosephOnionLand1025
1977J. G. Paley EsquireJohn Sturges & CompanyStationary Engine, Waste Ground & Reservoirs and Cottage 329
1978J. G. Paley EsquireJosephOnionFieldGrass433
1979J. G. Paley EsquireJosephOnionField000
1982Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJamesPriestleyLong FieldGrass3113
1983Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJamesPriestleyIngGrass310
1984Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJamesPriestleyHouse, Barn, Garden etc.0017
1985Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJamesPriestleyCroftGrass0124
1986Leak Marshall & CompanyLeak Marshall & CompanyWeighing House001
1987Leeds & Halifax Turnpike RoadLeeds & Halifax Turnpike RoadToll House004
1989Burley ChapelReverend JohnBarberBurley Chapel & Yard0216
1989Reverend JohnBarberReverend JohnBarberBurley Chapel & Yard0216
1990Burley ChapelReverend JohnBarberParsonage, House, Stable, Garden etc.0136
1990Reverend JohnBarberReverend JohnBarberParsonage, House, Stable, Garden etc.0136
1991MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyPart of FieldGrass1229
1992MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyHesle CroftGrass2030
1993MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyHesle CroftGrass211
1994MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyFarm, House, Barn & Garden0025
1995MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyLaith CloseGrass2027
1996MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanySeed PastureGrass1302
1997MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyStoney ButtsGrass203
1998MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyTwo Days WorkGrass1123
1999MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyGate CloseGrass600
2000MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyDilley CloseGrass221
2001MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyFar Alders CroftGrass300
2002MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyNear Alders CroftGrass5130
2003MissCurrerJames & OthersWilkinsonNine Cottages & Gardens0233
2012MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyBarn, Stable, Stackyard etc.101
2013MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyGin Horse Pasture and Six CottagesGrass28135
2020MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyNear Broom FieldGrass5118
2021MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyMiddle Broom FieldGrass336
2022MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyFar Broom Field & ShrogGrass502
2023MissCurrerMissCurrerWood Hit Hills5029
2024MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyFar JordanGrass6110
2025MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyLower JordanGrass6218
2026MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyOld PastureGrass19212
2027MissCurrerMissCurrerNew Hill Wood8018
2028MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyCalf KnowleGrass800
2029MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyCronkey ParkGrass3110
2030MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyGreat HeightGrass6224
2031MissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyChapel FieldGrass1121
2032MissCurrerMrsMitchellRisby SikeGrass3314
2033MissCurrerMrsMitchellWinney FieldArable1136
2034MissCurrerMrsMitchellRamsden BankGrass518
2036MissCurrerMrsMitchellLittle RooleyGrass2227
2037MissCurrerMrsMitchellGreat RooleyGrass4337
2038MissCurrerMrsMitchellHanging RooleyGrass407
2039John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseIng & Pit HillGrass429
2040John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseNear RooleyGrass228
2041John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseFar RooleyGrass2310
2042John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseUpper RooleyGrass1023
2043John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyWood & Pit Hills8124
2044HirdHirdFar Wood FieldGrass120
2044Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyFar Wood FieldGrass120
2045HirdHirdNear Wood FieldGrass1325
2045Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyNear Wood FieldGrass1325
2046Dawson & HardyHannahWadsworthRoughGrass2339
2047HirdHirdFour Days WorkArable3312
2047Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyFour Days WorkArable3312
2048HirdHirdUpper Two Days WorkGrass127
2048Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyUpper Two Days WorkGrass127
2049Dawson & HardyJohnSharpRoughGrass3122
2050ThomasWheatley EsquireHenryClarkBrow Side3126
2051ThomasWheatley EsquireCharlotteClarkLong Lands2010
2052JohnHarrisonJohnHarrisonHouse & Shop004
2053BentleyMuffEdwardPrigg & othersFour Cottages, House, Shop, Stable & Yards011
2058RichardEdmondsonWilliamNorth & othersFive Cottages, Stable & Shop009
2065WilliamMuffJohnJackson & othersFive Cottages0021
2070JohnShuttAbrahamBairstow & othersSix Cottages0039
2076ThomasWheatley EsquireHenryClarkHouse, Barn, Mistal & Stable0029
2077ThomasWheatley EsquireHenryClarkCottage000
2078ThomasWheatley EsquireHenryClarkCorn CloseGrass2211
2079ThomasWheatley EsquireHenryClarkCroftGrass3034
2080HirdHannahHillamCottage & Garden0014
2080Dawson & HardyHannahHillamCottage & Garden0014
2081HirdJohnSharpGreat Field & Pit Hills522
2081Dawson & HardyJohnSharpGreat Field & Pit Hills522
2082HirdHirdLower Two Days WorkGrass1313
2082Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyLower Two Days WorkGrass1313
2083HirdHirdPriest RoydGrass4222
2083Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyPriest RoydGrass4222
2086Reverend BenjaminPowellJosephWilkinson & othersSix Cottages & Gardens etc.0032
2092HirdWilliamWardman & othersFour Cottages & Gardens018
2092Dawson & HardyWilliamWardman & othersFour Cottages & Gardens018
2096John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseHouse, Barn & Garden0033
2097John Sturges & CompanyWilliamFieldhouseCottage & Garden000
2098Reverend BenjaminPowellAbrahamWilkinson & anotherTwo Cottages005
2100MissCurrerJohnMitchellCroft & StableGrass2121
2101MissCurrerMrsMitchellHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard0111
2102MissCurrerMrsMitchellThe IngGrass1236
2103John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyPit Hills & Waste302
2104John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand0225
2105John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyOld Pasture Field & Pit HillsArable6228
2106John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyPit Hills & WasteArable801
2107John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand & Pit Hills6019
2108John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand & Pit HillsGrass432
2109John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyParks Land & Stable etc.Arable & Grass8233
2110John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyTwo Cottages & Gardens010
2112John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyParks Wood14336
2113John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyUpper Lodge FieldGrass6111
2114John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyRedster FieldGrass420
2115John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLittle RoughsGrass2230
2116John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyRoughs Wood736
2117John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLower Lodge FieldGrass737
2118John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyField & PlantingArable3115
2119John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyField Under WoodArable4133
2120John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonLane FieldArable0336
2121John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyGreat FieldArable8230
2122John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLong MeadowArable4023
2123John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyFour Days Work FieldArable2317
2124John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyFish Pond CloseGrass3034
2125John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyThree Days Work CloseArable235
2126John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLittle CloseGrass214
2127John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyGonelessGrass5027
2128John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLittle CloseGrass1132
2129John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyDelf CloseGrass121
2130John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyCloseGrass2226
2131John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallLow CroftGrass3113
2132John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallMiddle CroftGrass2113
2133John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallBarn CroftGrass115
2134John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallHouse, Barn, Mistal and Garden0030
2135John Sturges & CompanyJamesPoole and AnotherTwo Cottages0030
2137JosephWrightJoseph & anotherWrightFar CroftGrass110
2138JosephWrightJoseph & anotherWrightFar CroftGrass202
2139JosephWrightJoseph & anotherWrightPasture FieldGrass2134
2140John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonPasture FieldGrass2028
2141John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonMiddle IngGrass3022
2142John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonHouse CloseGrass1121
2143John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonLow IngGrass1017
2144John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonSoil Heap CloseGrass120
2145Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellLow PastureGrass229
2145Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellLow PastureGrass229
2146Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellWood EndGrass1036
2146Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellWood EndGrass1036
2147Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellLow IngGrass2132
2147Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellLow IngGrass2132
2148MrsNewbyEdward & SonRipleyFieldGrass3234
2149MrsNewbyEdward & SonRipleyFieldGrass3135
2150Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonGarden000
2151Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonWell FieldGrass1135
2152Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellOld GardenGrass1012
2152Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellOld GardenGrass1012
2153Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellTop IngGrass2330
2153Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellTop IngGrass2330
2156Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellLong field & gardenArable & Grass4116
2156Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellLong field & gardenArable & Grass4116
2157Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellTop PastureGrass2110
2157Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellTop PastureGrass2110
2159IsaacKayeIsaacKaye & anotherTwo Houses and Gardens009
2162SamuelJowettSamuelJowett & anotherTwo Houses & Gardens005
2163AbrahamWilkinsonAbrahamWilkinsonHouse & Garden003
2164JamesKayeJohnMurgatroydHouse & Garden006
2165ThomasWheatley EsquireDavidBaxendaleOaks FieldArable4126
2166ThomasWheatley EsquireFrederickDunning & anotherTwo Cottages004
2168WilliamBlackburnThomasBeaumont & anotherTwo Cottages006
2171SarahKershawBettyWright & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0012
2175John Sturges & CompanyJohnHaigh and OthersEight Cottages & Gardens0023
2183John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonLandGrass0320
2184John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonLand & GardensGrass1134
2185John Sturges & CompanyJosephWest and OthersSixteen Cottages & Two Gardens012
2201JosephWrightJoseph & anotherWrightHouse, Barn, etc.0010
2201Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawCroftGrass0238
2202JosephWrightJoseph & anotherWrightGarden015
2203HirdGeorgeKershawHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard0039
2203Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard0039
2204HirdGeorgeKershawGarden & Shed0037
2204Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawGarden & Shed0037
2205John Sturges & CompanyWilliamWilkinsonHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard0038
2206BenjaminWroeJohnFawthorp & anotherTwo Cottages & Garden0011
2209John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallSquare FieldGrass235
2210John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallThistle FieldArable2221
2211John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallLong CroftGrass2017
2212Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawPaddockGrass0111
2213HirdGeorgeKershawThree days work fieldGrass214
2213Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawThree days work fieldGrass214
2214HirdGeorgeKershawFive days workGrass3230
2214Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawFive days workGrass3230
2215HirdGeorgeKershawMuff fieldGrass2222
2215Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawMuff fieldGrass2222
2216HirdGeorgeKershawFar Muff fieldGrass120
2216Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawFar Muff fieldGrass120
2217ThomasWheatley EsquireThomasWheatley EsquireWaste etc.0112
2218ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephFell & anotherTwo Cottages001
2220ThomasWheatley EsquireThomasWheatley EsquireOld Cinder Ovens & Waste0032
2222AbrahamBaxendaleAbrahamBaxendale & OthersThree Cottages, Shop & Gardens0027
2225HirdGeorgeKershawFar StubbinsGrass2216
2225Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawFar StubbinsGrass2216
2226Dawson & HardyGeorgeKershawStubbinsGrass1314
2227John Sturges & CompanyJohnHallThistle HillsGrass1326
2228John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherPasture FieldGrass402
2229John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherHorse CloseArable125
2230John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherFar Day WorkArable215
2231John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherMargate IngGrass2124
2232John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherHouse, Barn & Stable0115
2236John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherCalloway Close1129
2237John Sturges & CompanyJosephWright and OthersFour Cottages, Garden & Stable0014
2241ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydHouse, Barn, Garden etc.0031
2242ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydIngGrass3032
2243JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftLow FieldGrass112
2244Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonFieldGrass1027
2245JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftPump FieldGrass130
2246JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftMiddle FieldGrass131
2247JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftOld PastureGrass138
2248JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftCottages & Barn0031
2249JohnThorntonGeorgeSwiftLittle CloseGrass0217
2250John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarIng & Pit HillsGrass432
2251John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarCroft0323
2252John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarLaith CloseArable & Grass1332
2256John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarCroft0130
2257John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarNear Lamb Close1229
2258John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarFar Lamb Close & Pit HillsArable132
2259John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarLamb Close & Pit HillsGrass4311
2260John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarLow Ing & Pit HillsGrass3011
2261ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydPart of IngGrass1030
2262ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydPit Hill020
2263ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydSizing Close1110
2264ThomasWheatley EsquireEdwardAckroydFive Days Work3335
2265HirdHirdField & Pit HillArable3323
2265Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyField & Pit HillArable3323
2266ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeFive Days WorkGrass4113
2267ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit FieldGrass4239
2269John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonLow FieldGrass3032
2270John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonFlat FieldGrass3123
2271John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonLittle CloseGrass2116
2272John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonIngGrass4334
2278ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeSeven Days WorkGrass420
2279ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeLong IngGrass2333
2280ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePark NookGrass2032
2281ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeLime CloseGrass1334
2282ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeWell CloseGrass2022
2283ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeSix Days WorkGrass4210
2284ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroeHouse, Barn, Yard & Cottage0110
2285BenjaminWroeAnnWoodhead & othersFive Cottages009
2289HirdHirdField & Pit HillGrass5035
2289Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyField & Pit HillGrass5035
2290The Late Samuel PeelJamesMuff & anotherTwo Cottages & Garden0010
2292HirdHirdField & Pit HillArable & Grass15028
2292Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyField & Pit HillArable & Grass15028
2293HirdHirdHouse, Barn, Yard etc.0122
2293Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyHouse, Barn, Yard etc.0122
2294HirdJohnSharpHouse, Stable & Garden010
2294Dawson & HardyJohnSharpHouse, Stable & Garden010
2295HirdWilliamTordoff & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0222
2295Dawson & HardyWilliamTordoff & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0222
2299JonathanCordingleyGeorgeLightowler & othersFive Cottages0011
2304AnnBairstowJonasBairstow & othersSeven Cottages0016
2308Bradford Brewery CompanyJosephRed Lion Inn, Shop, Yard & Cottages0035
2311Bradford Brewery CompanyJosephCroft1016
2312JudyFletcherJudyFletcherCottage & Garden003
2313JamesGallowayGeorgeWardman & OthersThree Cottages006
2316AbrahamSeedBettyMallinson & othersEight Cottages & Stable0024
2325AbrahamKeighleyJosephBriggsCottage & Stable005
2326MilesSpencerMilesSpencerCottage & Garden0018
2327ThomasWorsnopLukeWorsnopHouse, Shop & Stable008
2328Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonCroftGrass0217
2329Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonFour Days WorkGrass233
2330Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonThree Days WorkGrass209
2331Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonDay Work FieldGrass103
2332Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonHouse, Barn & Mistal000
2333Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonJohnMorven & anotherTwo Cottages012
2335GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonLow PastureGrass121
2336GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonFar PastureGrass122
2337GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonHouse, Barn, Yard etc.0032
2338GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonCroftGrass0216
2339RichardEmmersonWilliamPearson & othersSix Cottages & Stable0016
2344JohnYewdaleJohnYewdale & othersPublic House, Stables, Gas House & Two Cottages0022
2347JonasJowettRichardWilsonHouse & Shop0015
2348ThomasFirthJohnFirth & othersFour Cottages0014
2352JosephCloughJosephClough & anotherTwo Cottages0013
2355WilliamEllisWilliamEllis & anotherTwo Cottages007
2357JohnYewdaleMarthaPyrah & othersThree Cottages & Shop0012
2360JosephCloughJohnLightowler & othersFour Cottages & Two Stables0015
2363WilliamGreenwoodWilliamGreenwoodCorn Mill, Reservoir, Sheds etc.0220
2364WilliamGreenwoodWilliamGreenwoodPart of Ing018
2365GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonBarn CloseGrass1235
2366Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthField2237
2367HirdIsaacNorthHouse, Barn & Garden0138
2367Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthHouse, Barn & Garden0138
2368HirdLeviAlderson & othersFive Cottages0024
2368Dawson & HardyLeviAlderson & othersFive Cottages0024
2373Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthCroftGrass0111
2374HirdIsaacNorthGarden CloseGrass1127
2374Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthGarden CloseGrass1127
2375HirdIsaacNorthPit FieldArable1117
2375Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthPit FieldArable1117
2376HirdIsaacNorthBack of House CloseArable1215
2376Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthBack of House CloseArable1215
2377GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonThree Cottages006
2380GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonCarr Bottom FieldGrass1235
2381GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonLittle FieldGrass1113
2382GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonWheat FieldGrass2032
2383GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonLane Side FieldGrass112
2384GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonThree days work fieldGrass2014
2385GeorgeBaron EsquireJaneThompsonCraven Heifer FieldGrass0336
2386HirdIsaacNorthLow CloseGrass813
2386Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthLow CloseGrass813
2387HirdIsaacNorthLittle CloseGrass114
2387Dawson & HardyIsaacNorthLittle CloseGrass114
2388WilliamWhitakerWilliamShawHouse & Shop005
2389RobertEmmersonJohnTurner and OthersTen Cottages0018
2396George CoultersThomasMansfield & othersFive Cottages006
2400Trustees of Wakefield Free SchoolJeremiahThorntonLittle AngramsGrass2014
2401Trustees of Wakefield Free SchoolJeremiahThorntonBig AngramsGrass7334
2402Trustees of Wakefield Free SchoolJeremiahThorntonAngramsGrass2327
2403WadeRobertStevenson & othersFive Cottages0024
2408WilliamShawIsaacMarsden & othersFour Cottages & Garden0018
2413JosephBoothJosephBoothUpper CloseGrass2011
2414JosephBoothJosephBoothFore SideGrass1224
2416JosephBoothJosephBoothHouse, Barn, Garden etc.011
2417JosephBoothJosephBoothCross LandsGrass2120
2419JosephBoothJosephBoothThe IngGrass3114
2422ThomasWroeJonathanWright & othersFourteen Cottages0017
2436WilliamWhitakerSampsonBairstow & anotherTwo Cottages004
2438MilliganJohnHaighThe IngGrass2315
2438MilliganJohnHaighPit HillGrass0030
2438BairstowJohnHaighThe IngGrass2315
2438BairstowJohnHaighPit HillGrass0030
2439MilliganJamesGarside & anotherTwo Cottages004
2439BairstowJamesGarside & anotherTwo Cottages004
2441MilliganJohnHaighHouse, Mistal & Yard0014
2441BairstowJohnHaighHouse, Mistal & Yard0014
2443Reverend BenjaminPowellGeorgeSwift & othersCraven Heifer Public House etc. & Three Cottages0024
2447MilliganThomasGarthwaite & anotherSmiths Shop, Cottage & Shop0024
2447BairstowThomasGarthwaite & anotherSmiths Shop, Cottage & Shop0024
2449ChristopherGreethamJosephGreetham & othersFourteen Cottages, Shop, Mistal, Stable & Gardens0038
2462Executors of the Late Richard ThorntonHenryHansonCroft0126
2463JamesGallowayGeorgePoole & othersThree Cottages & Garden007
2466ThomasSwiresMarthaRaistrick & othersThree Cottages008
2469JamesGallowayFrederickStevenson & othersFour Cottages008
2473JosephWilkinsonJosephBentley & othersEight Cottages0019
2481JonasWilkinson & othersJonasWilkinson & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0024
2485John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherLandGrass118
2486MilliganJohnHaighGalloway HillGrass126
2486John Sturges & CompanyBenjaminCrowtherCroft0032
2486BairstowJohnHaighGalloway HillGrass126
2487MilliganJohnHaighLow FieldGrass2121
2487BairstowJohnHaighLow FieldGrass2121
2491JonathanHardyAbrahamFieldhouse & othersTwo Cottages, Shop, Beerhouse & Stable0014
2493JamesNewellDavidHolmes & othersTen Cottages & Five Gardens0027
2503WidowHaighWilliamHaigh and OthersThree Cottages & Gardens0011
2506ThomasWroeHenryGornall & othersFour Cottages & Gardens0011
2510ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonFar MeachArable1234
2511Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellNear Sun FieldGrass234
2512Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellFar Sun FieldGrass2013
2513Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellPaddockGrass0323
2514Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellHouse, Barn, Garden etc.022
2515Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellButtsGrass2124
2516Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellRound HillGrass6217
2517Reverend BenjaminPowellBlamiresLandGrass1320
2518Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellLow Mill FieldGrass3112
2519Reverend BenjaminPowellThomasMitchellStripGrass1018
2520ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonFieldGrass2228
2521ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonCroft013
2523WilliamHillasWilliamHillasCottage & Garden004
2524ThomasGibbinsAbrahamAckroyd & othersSix Cottages & Stable0013
2530ThomasMitchellJoshuaHaigh & othersSeven Houses & Two Gardens013
2537ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonLong CloseGrass208
2538ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonWell FieldGrass117
2539ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonGreat MeachGrass1232
2540JonathanHardyThomasHesleygreaves & othersTwo Cottages & Shed0013
2543ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonCroftGrass1124
2544JamesGallowayThomasWright & anotherTwo Cottages & Gardens007
2546JamesBentleyRichardAirdale & anotherTwo Cottages004
2549JamesGallowayJamesBrown & othersThree Cottages004
2551MariaWroeAbrahamHalston & othersFour Cottages007
2555ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonHouse, Barn, Stable etc.0020
2556ThomasFearnleyTimothyThorp & othersSeven Cottages & Gardens0018
2563WilliamShawGeorgeBennett & othersThree Cottages006
2572AbrahamNaylorAbrahamNaylorCottage & Shop003
2573ThomasWheatley EsquireAbrahamNaylorWood Yard005
2574ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonThe IngGrass2015
2575WilliamKellettSarahBennett & anotherTwo Cottages005
2577DavidBaxendaleHenryPoole & othersSix Cottages, Two Gardens & Stable0017
2583Wesleyan Methodist SocietySunday School008
2584DavidBaxendaleJosephWroe & othersFive Cottages * Three Gardens0027
2589SamuelHaighSamuelRidehalgh & othersThree Cottages006
2594WilliamFieldhouseJohnBottomless & anotherTwo Cottages006
2601WilliamBrookRichardHargreaves & anotherTwo Cottages003
2603GeorgeKershawElijahMuff & anotherTwo Cottages002
2607SamuelHarrisonBenjaminHaigh and OthersFour Cottages006
2611RobertEdmondsonJohnCharlesworthHouse & Shop005
2612GeorgeHarrisonGeorgeHarrisonHouse & Shop003
2616ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonCroft & Pit Hills037
2617ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonHouse, Barn & Stable0128
2618ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonNine Days WorkGrass2225
2619ThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonNew HeighGrass1111
2620ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonKitchen IngArable2021
2621ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonCistern CloseGrass133
2622ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonFar Long CloseGrass2011
2622WilliamRevellWilliamRevellCottage & Garden004
2623ThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonNear Long CloseGrass3122
2626ThomasWheatley EsquireDavidBaxendaleHouse, Barn, Stable & Cottages0115
2627ThomasWheatley EsquireDavidBaxendaleLow Bead CroftGrass132
2628ThomasWheatley EsquireDavidBaxendaleHigh Bead CroftGrass3133
2629MrsNewbyBarkerHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden026
2629MrsNewbyCutlerHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden026
2631Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard0023
2633Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonTop IngGrass1336
2634MrsNewbyBarkerLow FieldGrass1318
2634MrsNewbyCutlerLow FieldGrass1318
2635Edward Ripley & SonJohnMoulsonLow IngGrass320
105 & 187MrArmisteadMrArmisteadBuilding Land1214
1085 & 1086J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpGardens010
1094 & 1095J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpLow FieldGrass2132
1096 & 1099J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpLow FieldGrass & Arable2323
1097 & 1098J. G. Paley EsquireJamesSharpLow FieldGrass230
1155 & 1156J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamHillas & OthersCottages & Gardens0023
1161 & 1162J. G. Paley EsquireJohnHartleyGarden, FieldGrass319
1161aJ. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation0126
1162aJ. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation0213
1167 & 1168J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsleyRap FieldArable & Grass515
1171aJ. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighPart of Copy FieldGrass0117
1181 & 1182J. G. Paley EsquireAbrahamBarrattHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden0030
1183 & 1184J. G. Paley EsquireThomasHaighHouse, Barn, Yard, Garden etc.0030
1188aJ. G. Paley EsquireJohnParkinsonLodge & Garden009
1188bJ. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerPit Hill0123
1189aJ. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation0016
1190aJ. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerPit Hill0115
1191aJ. G. Paley EsquireJ. G. Paley EsquirePlantation0018
1200 & 1201J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsleyHouse, Mistal, Stable & Cottages0024
1270 & 1269J. G. Paley EsquireRobertListerHouse, Stable, Mistal & Yard010
1632 & 1633John Sturges & CompanyJohnFieldhouseWheat Sheaf Inn, Stable, Yard & Cottages026
1679 & 1684RobertPettyFrancoisGilliard & othersFourteen Cottages0015
1746 & 1753W. G. AddisonW. G. AddisonHouse, Pleasure Grounds, Stable & Yards2013
1872 & 1877 & 1878Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireBuilding Land139
1880, 1879 & 1881J. G. Paley EsquireBenjaminElmsleyWaste and Old Dam, Garden etc.Grass1336
1885 & 1886J. G. Paley EsquireThomasWaltonTwo Gardens0025
1889 & 1887HenryThackrayHenry & othersThackrayHouse, Mistal, Garden & Cottages0028
1925 & 1925aEdward Ripley & SonEdwardRipleyHouse, Garden, Stable, Coachhouse & Lane121
1948aExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquirePlantation0012
1956 & 1957Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireCottage, Colliery & Land8111
1971 & 1972J. G. Paley EsquireJoshuaElmsleyUpper BurrowsGrass7216
1980 & 1981Executors of the Late John Sturges EsquireJamesPriestleyLow Pasture FieldGrass7036
1985aJohn Sturges & CompanyThomasAckroydSix Days Work FieldGrass422
1985aExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireCroftGrass0110
1985bExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireHouse, Barn, Garden & Field0039
1985cExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireHouse CloseGrass228
1985dExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireBarn CloseGrass318
1985eExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireGreat PastureArable8315
1985gExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireGreat Mowing CloseGrass12037
1985hExecutors of the Late John Sturges EsquireThomasAckroyd EsquireLittle Days WorkGrass1326
2023aMissCurrerHenryButlerPart of Field0118
2025aMissCurrerLeah Clayton & CompanyPit Hill in Lower Jordan100
2046aHirdHannahWadsworthPit Hills100
2046aDawson & HardyHannahWadsworthPit Hills100
2063 & 2064ThomasWheatley EsquireCharlotteClarkHouse, Barn and Croft & Cottage0039
208 & 209 & 215JonasBeanlandSamuelPits & othersPublic House, Brew House & Seventeen Cottages etc.0112
2084 & 2085HirdHirdThe Ing, Barn & Weigh HouseArable & Grass314
2084 & 2085Dawson & HardyDawson & HardyThe Ing, Barn & Weigh HouseArable & Grass314
2129aJohn Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyOld Quarry0236
2154 & 2632Low Moor ChurchThomasMitchellRed Gin Public House, Barn, Mistal, Cottage & Garden 0138
2154 & 2632Reverend JoshuaFawcettThomasMitchellRed Gin Public House, Barn, Mistal, Cottage & Garden 0138
2170 & 2605Reverend BenjaminPowellJohnWilkinsonPublic House, Brew House, Stable etc.006
2253 & 2254John Sturges & CompanyJosephSagarHouse, Barn, Stable & Cottages0237
2273 & 2274John Sturges & CompanyHannahWatsonHouse, Barn, Mistal & Cottages0126
2278a & 2278b & 2278cThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills0220
2279aThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills0020
2280a & 2280b & 2280c & 2280dThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills100
2281aThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills010
2282aThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills010
2283a & 2283b & 2283c & 2283d & 2283eThomasWheatley EsquireJosephWroePit Hills100
2487a & 2487bMilliganJohnHaighPit Hill0225
2487a & 2487bBairstowJohnHaighPit Hill0225
2539aThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonPit Hills0235
2618aThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonPit Hills020
2619aThomasWheatley EsquireSamuelAtkinsonPit Hills0220
2622aThomasWheatley EsquireJosephAtkinsonPit Hills0215
271 & 275aJohnClayton (of Wetherby)Patrick & OthersBurnFour Cottages, House, Garden & Building Land0119
365 & 366John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyReservoirs2128
367 & 368John Sturges & CompanyJ. G. Paley EsquireBowling House, Gardens, Stable, Coach House etc.100
367 & 368John Sturges & CompanyThomasMason, EsquireBowling House, Gardens, Stable, Coach House etc.100
387 & 415 & 416 John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyBowling Iron Works, Reservoirs, Cinder Hills, Waste land & Furnaces4158
390 & 396 John Sturges & CompanyJohnHolroyd and OthersTwelve Cottages, House, Stable & Seven Gardens0130
411 & 409 & 410 & 464John Sturges & CompanyJohn Sturges & CompanyLand, Pit Hills & Cottages1412
424aMrArmisteadRobertEllenthorpeLand & Pit Hill0139
447 & 448MrArmisteadRobertButlerPit Hill & Waste120
457aJohn Sturges & CompanyJamesWrightGarden0012
510 & 515 & 517John Sturges & CompanyAbrahamSteadPasture FieldGrass4035
531aJohn Sturges & CompanyJamesSharpPlantation0024
561 & 566PeterHainsworthJohnPether & othersFour Cottages & Three Gardens0017
665 & 656JohnPollardNancyTerry & othersFourteen Cottages & Gardens024
761 & 768 IsaacMarsdenWilliamFoster & othersSeventeen Cottages & Six Gardens0135
804 & 743RichardSteadHenrySimpson & anotherTwo Cottages005
805 & 802AbrahamSteadLukeBrookCottage & Two Gardens0011
837 & 919 & 920 & 930WilliamTerryWilliamTerryMill, Warehouse, House, Cottages & Mistal etc.0115
837 & 919 & 920 & 930JohnTerryJohnTerryMill, Warehouse, House, Cottages & Mistal etc.0115
864 & 865JamesHepworthJamesHepworthHit or Miss Public House & Cottages0018
875 & 876JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenHouse, Stable, Yard0037
888 & 891JohnClayton (of Wetherby)GeorgeMarsdenLittle CloseGrass204
911 & 914ThomasLeadbeaterJamesHill & othersTwo Cottages & Garden017
926 & 927WilliamTerryWilliamTerryVacant Land0129
926 & 927JohnTerryJohnTerryVacant Land0129
961 & 964J. G. Paley EsquireGeorgeOddyFieldGrass230
973aThomasSwiresJosephPollardPart of Cottage002