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"Farnley, West Riding, a township in the parish of Leeds, wapentake of Morley, 4 miles West from Leeds; inhabitants, 1382."

From the Yorkshire Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary, by Stephen Reynolds Clarke, 1828


Tithe maps are one of the earliest large scale maps of an area and show the boundaries of plots of land, individual fields, woods, roads, streams and rivers, and the position of buildings.

The tithe map can be viewed on the left, whilst the modern map on the right is centred on roughly the same area.

To zoom in, click on the tithe map, and press Ctrl on your keyboard whilst using the mouse scroll. Follow the same instructions to zoom in on the modern map.

Apportionment Data

A detailed survey or ‘apportionment’ was created at the same time as each tithe map. It includes information on who owned and occupied each plot, field names, and land use.

To learn more about a particular plot, find the plot number on the map and find it on the table below. Alternatively, you can search by keyword using the search bar. To return to the full table, clear the text and search again.

Data in the table can be downloaded by clicking the button on the right.